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Shower and steam cabins Diamond Rolls

They were already well known by ancient Greeks and in ancient Rome the steam shower represented a part of the bath culture so-called as „sudatory “. Steam cabins Diamond Rolls are complex luxury equipped devices, which contain except massage jets and other shower facilities also the steam generator. The advantage of steam shower is that it provides moist heat of Turkish spa opposite the dry air of Finish saunas. Bath in a hot steam heats the body, accelerates metabolism and organism cleans up. This bath is not just very comfortable but also healthy. Its beneficial effects appear mainly in these fields:

  • release of tight muscles
  • washing out the toxicities from the body
  • skin repletion
  • reduction of rheumatic diseases
  • moisturise of breathing system and help with asthma treatment
  • help with cold and cough
  • proved effects by celulitide preceding and elimination
  • activate detoxication
  • Steam increases the quantity of oxygen delivered to cells and thereby the body relieves stress, releases cramps and reduces pain by rheumatic diseases. Steam inhalation moistures breathing system and in case of laryngitis releases mucus and that enables the internal purge and helps with cold and cough. Steam effects double by adding fragment oils from healing herbs. Steam affects pore opening; these spread, strain and congest, so they work and thereby detoxication is activated (toxic substances in capillaries change into liquid), skin deeply washes out and hydrates. Even better effects were proved by celulitide elimination than during body- wrapping. Steam also improves the function of cardiovascular system. During one 15 – 20 minutes stay the body pulse increases from 75 to 100 – 150 impulses. However this doesn’t increase the blood pressure, only improves blood circulation, as the skin capillaries spread and that enables larger supply of nutrition substances into the skin.

    The steam temperature is approximately 45 to 53°C by 100% relative air moisture and recommended length of stay in steam cabin is 10 – 15 min. max. 20 minutes. During the usage of steam shower it is recommended to keep the regular water receive.

    Equipment Shower and steam cabins Diamond Rolls are luxury products of high quality, where the standard equipment includes: sprayer set (head sprayer, hand sprayer, multisprayer system – means that water in the rain form drops synchronised from different places with possibility of gentle, median and strong stream choice), shower massage board with different types of massage jets, light and aromatherapy, built-in radio and CD player, digital control panel, plus foot massage and steam generator.

    Diamond Rolls cabins are suitable to assembly without any problems to every type of standard bathrooms (containing water intake, drainage and electricity).