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Massage bathtubs Diamond Rolls

What prospers you after a hard day is relaxation in comfortable warm water combined with releasing massage of the whole body. A stay in massage bathtub supports the motor apparatus treatment and provides total mental and physical release. Luxury equipment of branded massage bathtubs Diamond Rolls is for you the guarantee of high comfort. Human brain by relaxing releases endorphins, these degrade stress, modify depressions and create euphoric mood. To beneficial effects we may include:

  • sleeplessness treatment
  • skin repletion
  • help with celulitide elimination and overweight
  • acceleration of metabolic processes
  • help with after injury treatment
  • supporting treatment of motor apparatus
  • strengthen of blood circulation
  • immunized system stimulation
  • help with rheumatism
  • help with urological and impotence problems
  • digestion regulation and stomach problems
  • Branded massage bathtubs Diamond Rolls provide two types of massage: water and air massage. While the effect of water massage is more deep, thereby releases muscles and joints, air massage on the other hand effects the skin surface and it’s repletion.

    Water massage:body is massaged by stream of water mixed with air, which warms and releases muscles, improves repletion and accelerates metabolic processes. Also strengthens the blood circulation and stimulates immunized system. Helps with rheumatism treatment and is recommended to people with joint sufferings and sportsmen with high physical burden. Also helps with after injury treatments, overweight and celulitide elimination.

    Air massage:preheated air in form of gentle bubble streams gets out of jets, treats sleeplessness, congests the organism and affects the whole nervous system.