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Size (cm): 160 x 160 x 85
Number of massage seats: 4 (2 adults, 2 children)
Weight (kg): 211
Total number of jets (pcs): 51
Middle hydromassage rotate jets (pcs): 4
Middle hydromassage direct jets (pcs): 5
Small hydronasssage jets (pcs): 31
Air jets (pcs): 11
Water pump 2HP (pcs): 2
Circulation pump 1HP (pcs): 1
Air pump 1,5HP (pcs): 1
Water maintenance:

Filtration system
Heater: 3KW
Computer control panel (pcs): 1
SPA light (LED), Color-therapy
Waterfall with underwater lights
FM Radio
TV stationary - swivel
Pop up loudspeakers
Internal thermoisolation, outer thermo-cover
Option of different massage programs
Conditions for el. installation:
220V (+-10%) 50/60Hz
Color of the acrylic shell:
White marble
Color of the plastic cover: Grey

Price without tax:    7 082.50 EUR
Price with tax:          8 499 EUR