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Beneficial effects of Spas Diamond Rolls

Branded Spas Diamond Rolls provide the opportunity of year-long usage relaxing, regenerating and rehabilitating effects of private health resort in your own home comfort. In combination with aromatherapy, light-therapy and enjoyable music which belongs to our standard equipment, or watching a favourite film on built-in DVD, provides you a great relaxation after a day-long stress. Spas are also an important facility that helps to build strong and harmonic family relations and crate a new dimension of active rest for families with children and in considerable rate prosper to improve partners´ intimate relationships.

Spas provide the whole line of mental and of course in the first place physical beneficial effects supported by three basic factors: heat, floating and massage. These have a considerable influence at:

  • skin repletion
  • metabolism stimulation
  • strengthening the immunized system
  • supporting lymphatic gland
  • elimination of toxicities from organism
  • celulitide elimination
  • muscle release and help with muscle fever
  • help with rheumatic diseases
  • weight reduction
  • blood pressure regulation
  • headache reductions and help with sleeplessness
  • reduction of sugar value in blood of diabetics
  • improvement of whole motor apparatus
  • Heat in cooperation with whirlpool systems supports vessel-spreading and thereby the repletion of skin and muscles, strengthen the immunized system and supports supplying cells with nutriment. Also with growing capacity of life –giving oxygen deepens the breathing. Water streams that bounce to certain points of body zones stimulate a lymphatic gland which supports the elimination of toxicities from organism. Air bubbles transfer oxygen to skin pores, it binds with impure elements and the skin repletion increases over 115%. These bubbles effect intensive impulse massage which doesn’t affect only the skin surface but goes deep into subcutaneous tissue. Sometimes it’s possible to feel a little ticklish feeling on skin which is a result of impulses in nerve endings in consequence of its repletion. Recommended water temperature is 36 – 40°C.

    Hydrotherapy within living memory works as a natural medicine and helps to activate self-sanitation energy of organism. It also provides help with chronic rheumatic affections, accelerates the healing process of injuries, helps to precede muscle fever, reduces sugar value in blood of diabetics and influences weight reduction, blood pressure reduction and celulitide elimination. Water pressure reduces the body weight almost 90%, that relieves joints and extremities, strengthens muscles and that prospers to whole motor apparatus. Stay in SPA stimulates the guts function and releases solid muscles. All these factors cause, that physical and mental stress immediately disappears.

    Takýmto pôsobením sa okamžite vytráca fyzický ale aj psychický stres. To secure the high level of hygiene, all Diamond Rolls Spas are equipped with filtration system and ozonizer.

    Ozonizer – ozone effectively destroys bacteria present in the water and at the same time the life-giving oxygen rises without any change of the water composition. This technology is currently the most effective for hygienic safety and water disinfection without using traditional chemicals. In combination with filtration system water in SPA stays always clean, healthy and hygienic. It is recommended to change water every 2 – 3 months.

    Diamond Rolls SPA enable year-long usage inside as well as outside and models are available free standing or eventually according to your wish built-in. All of them are equipped with thermo insulating cover to protect the surface. Intelligent jets and places in acrylic reinforcement are clever divided in order to provide effective massage of different parts of the body. Latest knowledge from medicine, particularly alternative medicine and also latest technological innovations and patent solutions are used in production and therefore are Diamond Rolls products of high quality, which is also proved by following certificates:

  • Certificate CSA International
  • TüV Certificate č. shg2006041868 for massage pumps
  • CE Certificate pre SPA č. CE 200711015
  • UL Certificate for electronic components (heaters, water pumps and air pumps)
  • TüV SüD Certificate č. B071048732020 a č. N8060648732011 (for heaters)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50065294 0001 (steam shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AE 50088082 0001 (massage bathtubs)
  • TüV SüD Certificate č. E8050655556001 (steam generators, control systems)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50050538 0001 (steam shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50058114 0001 (massage bathtubs)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50108355 0001 (steam and shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AE 50104899 0001 (steam and shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50094968 0001 (steam and shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AE 50089073 0001 (steam and shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50050538 0001-2 (steam and shower cabins)
  • TüV Certificate č. AN 50050538 0001-3 (steam and shower cabins)
  • ISO 9001 : 2000 Certificate č. 2805Q10581ROS
  • and what is dominant, the satisfaction of customers in many countries.

    So it is demonstrable that from the long-time sight, regular usage of SPA has a high positive influence at improvement of blood pressure and cardiovascular system, metabolism, increasing the organism resistance, weight reduction and celulitide elimination. That means it is actually your very useful and intelligent investment into your health and the health of your relatives. And health, as we all know, is the most important base that human needs for satisfied and valuable life.