We offer everything you take interest in Best prices Superior quality Luxury equipment It has been 20 years now since we import and distribute!Celebrate this 20 years anniversary of performing on slovakian and european trade with us - with the 20% discount for all product collections Diamond Rolls! Beginning on the 1.may 2011!!
Company EMBACO ltd. has been working at Slovak and European market since 1991. Its first import – export and distribution activities were realized in the field of computing technologies – mainly focused on PC components, cutting and drawing plotters. Gradually on the base of cooperation with our business partners in Canada, USA and Asia we improved our rich experiences and started under strict supervision of our inspectors abroad the production of new collections of sanitary and relaxing equipment Diamond Rolls and consecutive import to Europe. Company disposes not only with great base of qualified specialists, but also with sufficient financial background with basic capital 1, 5 million USD.

All our products verify the required EU standards and the standards of each country of import. Our technicians realize the whole delivery, complete installation, connection and examination of each Diamond Rolls product. It is only necessary for each end-user in the place of positioning our product to have made the building preparation, hydro- and electrical installation by professional company, including the positive auditor’s report which he shows to our technicians, respectively the technicians of our dealers.

In Slovakia, we are gradually building a net of wholesalers and retailers, whom we offer large business discounts with complex service and on the other side we also don’t forget about our end – users, who have the opportunity to purchase for very attractive prices in our company showroom – address: Pri strelnici 22, 821 04 Bratislava – Trnávka, Slovakia, where you are warmly welcome!

Yours EMBACO team