We offer everything you take interest in Best prices Superior quality Luxury equipment It has been 20 years now since we import and distribute!Celebrate this 20 years anniversary of performing on slovakian and european trade with us - with the 20% discount for all product collections Diamond Rolls! Beginning on the 1.may 2011!!
EMBACO ltd. imports and distributes relaxing and sanitary products Diamond Rolls at Slovak trade through wholesalers and retailers and also through direct sale to end-users. Each type of purchaser has specified special business conditions:
1. End-user:
purchases individual Diamond Rolls products for the importer-recommended selling prices, respectively special hosting or sale prices. All products are available to see on our stock or in the company showroom.

Payment: cash, respectively pro-invoice

Installation Installation and usage instructions for the customer are already included in price, of course in the supposition that client has realized the preparation of complete building canalization, hydro and electric installation documented by auditor’s report.
Installation is realized by our technicians and client provides adequate number of people needed for the manual discharge (the number of people is settled by phone with our technician).

A: Realized by supplier, who provides the loading of the goods and transport (0,50
without VAT/km) and discharge to the place of installation is provided by buyer.

B: Realized by buyer at his own expense and supplier provides only loading of the goods to the car of the buyer.

Storage cost:
Products need to be carried from the wholesale stock within 10days. After this time the storage cost is 1,-

Wholesaler can accept order cancellation based on the buyers request. The cancellation cost is 20% of the product price.

Delivery time:

- by products that are available on the stock or in the company showroom delivery is possible immediately.
- by special requests that need to be put into production is the time of delivery from 3 to 4 months

2. Wholesale: For information about business terms for wholesalers please register or log -in.

3. Retail: For information about business terms for retailers please register or log –in.